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Water Damage Remediation

One of the most devastating events to a home is water damage. Especially because of what it does to a property. Home and property owners must act swiftly before it leads to bigger issues. Water can be extremely damaging to a property, leading to damaging pipes and walls and rot materials and create molds in all kinds of places, especially places full of cellulose. We at SoCal Water Damage are experts and are right in Anaheim, CA and Orange County. Having had experience with hundreds of cases in a variety of settings you can be sure that we are prepared and ready to face any situation as harsh as it can be. We have the latest professional equipment and are ready to go 24/7 for any emergency situation. Do not let the water damage go on for too long as it can develop in a more serious problem like mold growth, which can damage your health irreparably.

Mold Inspection

SoCal Water Damage staff is experienced and has formal training in detecting mold and mold growth.Our company uses the latest technology and the most professional equipment such as HEPA air scrubbers, HEPA vacuums, de-humidifiers, air-exchange machine to assist you in a better cleaning of your personal areas.

Because of the stress that a mold situation may cause, we offer a free estimate to inspect your home, with no obligations of contracting our company. If you suspect having molds or clearly see signs of widespread mold in your property we strongly suggest you contact our company as soon as possible for a free evaluation. This will save you tons of money in the future and at least you will know the scope of the work to be done. In many cases a simple removal is efficient in cleaning up your home and having you sleep and operate safely.

It is important to hire a professional team to assess the severity of your mold problem. Even if mold signs are visible, such as black spots on the bathroom wall, still a specialized team will be able to verify the depth of the problem through swab sampling, air testing, inner wall checks, particle counters, moisture readers and advanced thermography imaging. This way you will be sure of the exact extent of the problem and can make an informed decision without being charged any extra cost.

Fire Restoration

Fire Restoration is one of the main services as SoCal Water Damage. It is also one of the most technically intricate form of restoration because it takes knowledge, care and a variety of methods of execution. If a fire has happened into your home is best to call us as soon as possible. Even though the damage may be extensive what can be salvaged is more than you might think.

The phases of fire and damage restoration involve caring for soot and smoke odor. This is especially important because soot contains grease and can cause long lasting damage issues to whatever it touches. Some particles of smoke are extremely small and will skimp to everything they come in contact with or any small cracks in the surfaces of your home. This can go on for a long time and produce a lasting scent that will pervade your rooms for years, as well as possible damage coming from the particles which start to act like corrosive agent if left for too long.

Contact our Professional Experts in Anaheim as soon as possible.

Water Damage Anaheim

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